Promoting your land for maximum value

If you're a landowner and think your site may have development potential, we can work on your behalf to maximise the value of your land by promoting it through the planning system. We carefully manage each and every aspect, from navigating the planning process to final disposal of your land on the open market.

Planning has become increasingly complex where local planning authorities rely upon experienced land promoters, such as ourselves, to demonstrate that sites are acceptable in planning terms and that planning permission will deliver the local housing it needs. 

There are three simple steps to how we work:

1. Initial appraisal

The first part of the process is an initial examination and due diligence check of your land. We'll assess your site and let you know whether we think it has future development potential.

We have an enviable track record in delivering planning permission and our high success rate is a reflection of the knowledge and expertise we bring to projects at an early stage.

2. Entering into an agreement

If we believe your land has potential, we will meet with you to discuss your aspirations. From here we create a no obligation proposal designed to meet your objectives and maximise the value of your land.

We create a bespoke strategy for each and every site, so our approach to the promotion of your land will depend on the specific characteristics of your site and your individual requirements. There are no upfront costs for you to pay as we take on the financial risk during the process.

3. Securing planning consent

Once we've entered into a land promotion agreement, we'll work tirelessly to secure planning consent. We utilise our in-depth planning expertise and extensive knowledge to deliver the objective. We work closely with you throughout the process, always being on hand to discuss progress or answer your questions.

We receive our agreed fee only when the objective is achieved and the land is sold to a developer.