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Maximising value for landowners

Waddeton Park is a highly successful land promoter and investor.  We specialise in securing valuable planning permission on behalf of landowners via land promotion.  Alternatively, for landowners looking for a quick solution, we purchase land with development potential at a multiple of current agricultural value.

Promoting your land

Planning can be a minefield, but rest assured we are well equipped to navigate the planning system on your behalf to deliver the most desirable outcome.  With our expert guidance, everything is taken care of, from liaising with the local community, to managing the planning application process.  We undertake this at no cost to you and receive our share of the sale proceeds only when your land is granted planning consent and sold to a housebuilder/developer.

We appreciate that your land is very important to you and whatever your current situation or future ambition, the Waddeton Park team will devise a bespoke solution that works for you.  If you own land which you think has development potential, please contact us to find out how we can help you maximise the value of your land.

Expertise you can trust

We have the technical expertise, vision, and a strategic understanding of the planning system in order to deliver outcomes that exceed expectations of all involved. Our team have many years’ experience of successfully obtaining planning permissions, so you can be assured you will have an outstanding chance of success with us.

Excellent track record

Since 2001 we've secured planning permissions for a multitude of sites with our success rate in excess of 90%.  We are able to maintain this enviable track record, even for the most difficult and complex sites.  Where necessary planning permissions have been obtained at appeal and, if required, successfully defended on judicial review.

Collaborative approach

We work collaboratively with landowners, local councils and local people to deliver developments that meet and exceed the aspirations of all involved.

Land, Planning and Development Federation

Waddeton Park is a Member of the Land, Planning and Development Federation (LPDF), an industry wide initiative where member organisations combine their resources and look at how they can work together collaboratively to assist the country with addressing the under supply of housing.

Our ambition is to play a full and active role in the debate on housing supply and be part of the process of finding solutions that make the future for those searching for a new home a brighter one.


Featured projects

"Working with Waddeton Park was a pleasure.  Once terms were agreed and in place, they were adhered to in a professional manner throughout the contract period.  The team stuck their neck on the line for the sale of my land, which had to go to appeal.  It was a difficult task but with such a strong team there was little cause for concern and it was passed.  I would happily work with them again."



Landowner in East Devon

"I have worked with and used Waddeton Park services for a number of years and they were responsible for the gaining of a major planning permission. I found them very professional, tenacious and very skilled when it came to working with particularly difficult planning depts."

Landowner in Mendip


"I worked with Waddeton Park to realise the best value for a partially landlocked site.  Their expertise and professionalism made for a very satisfactory result."


Landowner in Wells


"When Waddeton Park approached me about promoting my land for residential development they soon convinced me it was worth having a try.  Their true professionalism came out on top achieving planning permission for 125 units on 18 acres.  I can't thank them enough for their patience and generosity, a true professional team led by Gerry Keay.  It was a pleasure working with them."

Landowner in South Somerset

Milborne Port