Types of agreement

There are a number of ways in which we can work with landowners. Each landowner's circumstances will determine which is the most appropriate route. We adopt a flexible approach and are open to exploring a promotion, option or hybrid agreement, joint venture or freehold purchase. In our experience, the best way to increase chances of successfully securing a planning permission is early engagement in the plan making process and robust promotion throughout.

Option or promotion agreement

With an option agreement or promotion agreement we incur the planning and promotion costs, and only if successful in achieving a valuable planning permission do we recoup those costs and earn the pre-agreed fee. 

Joint venture

In certain situations we will consider buying an interest in the land or asset, and then use our team’s planning expertise to achieve a valuable planning permission. The sale proceeds are then split in accordance with the joint venture terms.

Freehold purchase

We will consider the outright purchase of your land by undertaking a due diligence check and evaluating the future development prospects.  A leaseback may also be possible, enabling you to sell your land and continue your farming or other activities whilst planning permission is being sought.